Products & Services


The high cost of Identity Assurance prevents mainstream banks from servicing low and moderate income individuals. Verdigris has developed low-cost, safe, efficient technology, and a proprietary operating process, to address this issue.

Our platform uses virtual versions of leading banking systems to provide an up-to-date, accessible, and approachable product for our customers and employees. The following are our planned offerings pending regulatory approval as a chartered bank:



Personal Digital Banking

  • FDIC Safe Account: Our core product for individuals is a simple digital bank account based on the FDIC Safe Account. Account holders can make transactions on cellphones and other digital platforms, with national support.

  • No Overdraft: The account has intentional limitations: there’s no overdraft facility and customers can’t write checks. All payments are made online or with debit cards. Account holders can transfer funds domestically and internationally.

  • Interest on Deposits: Although many individuals holding our accounts won’t have significant surplus funds for savings, we’ll offer interest on deposits.

  • Commitment to Financial Literacy: By offering banking to more people, we expand and promote financial literacy and growth. Partnering with key community groups and national advisors, we can leverage our platform to provide not just a step up into banking, but also an educational framework to help account-holders manage their money and understand common banking processes.  



Specialist Business Banking

  • Supporting Low and Middle-Income individuals means supporting the businesses that service them. These include services for Money Transmitters, Small and Medium businesses and FinTechs, providing support to the whole ecosystem.

  • Fully Vetted Commercial Deposit Accounts: Verdigris will provide these businesses with commercial deposit accounts that are fully audited to ensure identity assurance across the customer chain.

  • Identity Assurance Differentiation: Thanks to rigorous auditing by Verdigris, these businesses can maintain longer-lasting accounts with the reliability and confidence of a stable bank while freeing them from the cost and challenge of re-banking.



State Economic Payments

  • Removing Costs – Easing the Process: Taking costs out of State economic support payments benefits everyone from taxpayers to administrators to the beneficiaries themselves.

  • Extending the Benefits of Regulated Banking: Working with state entities to enroll customers in personal digital banking account, we facilitate easier fund transfers and other transactions, providing our customers greater financial freedom.

  • Added Savings: In  the course of reducing and removing the fees usually associated with state assistance payments, we deliver a more efficient process for the State and greater benefits to the constituents they serve.

  • Expanding Training: Verdigris is as capable an educational platform as it is an innovative banking platform. Integrating education and training opportunities into Verdigris, in order to further financial literary, are core to our mission and central to the design of our platform.